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Apex Legends wouldn’t be the game it is today without its regular updates and the addition of the Arenas game mode. While many players are frustrated that there hasn’t been a new limited-time mode in a while and that Shadow Royale will only last a week this Halloween, the new Arena Encore map gives players a new location. to discover.

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It’s a very open map with plenty of places good snipers can shine, but close quarters fights can break out easily thanks to the many hidden paths players can take to navigate the map. The map also serves to show Seer’s homeworld for the first time and features a scene worthy of the most recent legend of Apex Legends. For those who are ready to explore what this map has to offer, here are some tips for winning matches on Encore.

Use the relatively open layout to your advantage


The main distinguishing feature of the Encore Arena map is its open-mindedness. From the start of a round, players can see each other across the playing field. This allows those who are particularly good with snipers or other long-range sniper weapons. to shine, but close range combat is also common due to the rest of the map layout.

At the start of the tour, look on the other side of the map. It is more than likely that players will see the opposing team and, more importantly, where they are going. It’s a good way for a team to familiarize themselves with the pitch before the shots start, but it’s also a good way for the experienced long-distance player to get a few hits and build up the pressure early on. There are plenty of vantage points above hidden areas and obstructed paths. This gives long distance players a definite advantagee until the other team gets closer.

Never go straight in the middle

Apex Legends Encore Map Tips Open Sniper Marksman No Cover

The sides of Encore house vertical areas that give a good view of the arena, but the midsection noticeably lacks any kind of cover. This is where a lot of the action seemingly takes place out of nowhere, and while it’s worth checking out its design, it’s not a good idea to spend too much time there. It’s an extremely visible location from pretty much anywhere on the map, which means players are always vulnerable to it.

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When you start a game on Encore, be sure to choose a side and engage with the rest of the team. If the player enters the ring and the other team leaves the ring, they will be forced to come to the player through one of the less protected areas from any Arenas card.

It’s not a bad idea to send an Octane down the middle for materials, or a Wraith that can gradually come out of there when threatened. In general, however, players should stay out of the middle until absolutely necessary.

Keep an eye out for the shadows

Apex Legends Encore Map Tips Arenas Shadows Corners

One of Encore’s downsides is how dark the map can be. Although he doesn’t have much major coverage, he has lots of dark corners and paths for enemies to hide and sneak their way across the map. So, it is important to keep an eye on the dark parts of the map, watch out for opponents who might use the dim lighting to their advantage.

Plus, it’s not the worst idea for players to go for darker skin for the Legend they’ve chosen on Encore. It can help blend a player into their surroundings, and while it won’t fool everyone, sometimes enemies who aren’t careful can get caught off guard.

Don’t rely on coverage

Apex Legends Encore Map Tips Cover Hide n Seek

Due to the map’s lack of coverage and the very open layout it offers as a battleground, it’s difficult to maintain decent coverage, even though it’s smaller than some other Arenas maps. However, Encore offers many different routes that players can take to navigate the map without being too visible.

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It is a good idea to spend time in Arenas to learn the layout of Encore, so players can determine the darker paths to take when trying to get around enemies. There are tons of short ziplines, plenty of climbing surfaces, and plenty of narrow alcoves to stop in on the run. Just make sure you don’t spend too much time in one place.

Flanking is the best overall strategy

Apex Legends Encore Map Tips Companion Strategy

While Encore may be the most open map of all arenas (aside from Phase Runner), its layout makes it easy for teams to frame themselves with the right strategy. It is never a good idea to walk straight down the middle at the start of the round, but once a teammate captures the enemy’s attention, it’s easy to gain the upper hand.

On part of the map, for example, is an elevated area with a central section below. It is above a ground level area that can be seen through a glass floor; However, the terraces and climbing points outside the sunken section make it easy to run and jump at enemies, especially if they are already shooting someone else.

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