Apex Legends Habitat Map Guide

There is more than one way to profit Apex Legends, and Arena mode is one of them. Since its in-game implementation in April 2021, the game mode has become a central part of the game.

The Dark Depths themed event recently hit the live servers with some jaw-dropping cosmetics, and it also introduced a new Arenas map, Habitat Four. The map is fertile ground for the Leviathan which has been abandoned by the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation (IMC).

Arena maps are relatively smaller than full size ones, and there are only two Points of Interest (POIs) in Habitat. Although Mountain peak can be considered fast even in normal game modes, Arena mode adds even more action to the equation. It usually takes a few matches to get used to the new Arena Mode maps, but doing your research beforehand can dramatically shorten the adaptation period.

There are a total of two POIs on Habitat, The Nest and The Cave. If you know what to watch out for in both benchmarks, you’ll have a chance to stay one step ahead of your enemies.

The cave

Image via Respawn Entertainment

The cave as a POI favors close to medium combat with its closed structure. Maintaining a high advantage inside the Key can sometimes be the key to survival, but you can also wreak havoc on the ground if you pay close attention to your surroundings.

What should you look for in The Cave?

Inside the cave you will find a waterway that has eaten away at the land. This slide does more than increase the visual aesthetics of the POI since it can also serve as an escape tool.

If you need to evacuate the landmark as quickly as possible your best bet will be to use the waterslide, you can also use it to plan a loopback which can lead to sneak attacks.

There are also quite a few Flyers inside, but they don’t offer any rewards.

The nest

Image via Respawn Entertainment

While The Cave will be the home of close combat enthusiasts, The Nest will be the opposite. This POI favors medium to long range combat, and its open nature makes it the perfect place for snipers on Habitat.

What should you watch out for in The Nest?

The nest is filled with Leviathan eggs which do not break. Their durability makes them the perfect cover while spinning around the landmark.

There are multiple access points to The Nest, and some of them even include ziplines. Just when you think you’re safe, someone might be diving with a zipline, which means you should always keep an eye out for potential dangers.

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