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Citizen staff

As the tourist season approaches, the City of Auburn Commission on Historic and Cultural Sites has created the first Visit Auburn, New York guide.

The first visitor’s guide in the commission’s 20-year history, it was designed to inform and inspire visitors to learn about the commission’s member cultural institutions and explore the stories of Auburn legends such as Harriet Tubman, William H. Seward and Theodore Case. The 24-page guide was created by a committee of local arts and culture leaders over a five-month period.

The guide includes a two-page story highlighting Auburn as “a small town with a big history,” according to a press release. It also includes walking tours like the Auburn Public Art Trail and the historic South Street, a page dedicated to parks like Hoopes and Veterans Memorial, and a walking map with information on parking and walking routes to them. local historical and cultural sites.

The guide was designed and the ads were placed by The Citizen, with the cover and map designed by TGW Studio using the New York State Equal Rights Heritage Center branded palette throughout the book. Jacobs Press finished printing 10,000 copies and several businesses in the area placed advertisements.

Banners featuring the guide’s cover have been installed on the State Street and North Division Street bridges, and free posters of the cover are available at the Heritage Center. The commission also plans to create T-shirts, tote bags and other merchandise. The guide itself is available centrally, at Auburn’s historic and cultural sites, as well as at area restaurants, accommodation, and retail outlets.

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