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“I’m loyal to all these people: Penn State, American Top Team, the sport of wrestling. But, in a broad sense, I feel like I represent the sport of wrestling, and American wrestling, in particular,” Nickal said. “I grew up traveling across the country, going to wrestling and going state to state to find better opportunities for me to compete and train. I really feel like I’m stepping into the sport of MMA that I come for the wrestling community. I’m here to show all other people, all MMA fans, all other people involved in another combat sport, what we are as wrestlers.

Obviously, everyone involved wins when Nickal wins. The bigger it gets, the bigger the gym, the bigger the gym, and the more Penn State stars stick around.

Make no mistake, Nickal has eagerly thrown the sport of wrestling on his back. He’s also definitely warning everyone in the sport that he’s not the last Nittany Lion to come down the pipeline.

His hard work is now paying off for the school he loves for years to come.

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“I’m learning and growing and trying to improve and figure things out so that these young guys at Penn State who want to transition over the next five years have a path mapped out for them,” Nickal said. . “I will be able to guide them through this. I feel like I’m one of the first, but there are a lot more of us coming and they’ll all be from Happy Valley.

Enemies beware. Nickal, ATT Happy Valley, American Wrestling and Penn State are about to kick down the door they opened years ago. Ultimately, Nickal doesn’t care if people call him the benchmark for MMA. He reserves this spot for all wrestlers looking to make that leap.

“I have two fights and one more to come, and after each of my fights, there will be more and more believers, and at the end of my career, everyone will know that American wrestling is the norm”, Nickal said.

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