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More than half of Britons admitted boozy travelers are the most irritating, while 45% said a crying baby or having to get up for people sitting in the middle and near the window is the most annoying thing .

Mobile phone and travel insurance company loveit coverit asked Britons what things holidaymakers find most irritating when traveling abroad.

Jonathan Owen, Brand Director at loveit coverit, said: “Although some Britons find certain behaviors irritating, there are plenty of others who like to joke around when they get into the holiday spirit. After the uncertainty of travel over the past two years, we’re sure there will still be a few more stories to come from this year’s holiday season.

Jonathan shared the things travelers should never do and the most helpful tips to avoid these situations and make the travel experience more enjoyable for everyone.

He advised British tourists against doing anything on a plane when they go on holiday: “Don’t get *too* drunk. Although it’s tempting to start the party early and spend hours drinking before flying to your travel destination, 53% of Britons say drunk and disorderly passengers are the most irritating people at airports

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“As well as irritating your fellow travelers, it can upset anxious travelers and being overly drunk is a criminal offense and can result in a hefty fine or jail time ending your holiday before it begins.”

Jonathan went on to talk about snoring, “We all do it, but there are a variety of remedies available to help with the noise.

“Twenty per cent of Brits say snoring on planes is the most annoying part of the flight experience, so taking a nose spray or nose strips will be key to stopping the noise and not annoying your neighbour. “

He added: “Applause when the plane lands is another bug for many, with 23 per cent of Britons saying people doing this are annoying.


“Arriving safely at your destination is something to celebrate, but try to do it in a quieter way so you don’t irritate your neighbors. A happy internal dance also works wonders,” he recommended.

Jonathan advised wearing “corruption snacks”.

“Whether you’re taking your kids on their first vacation or their fourth, being in a confined space for long periods of time is never fun.

“Crying children are one of the most aggravating things to happen on planes, according to 45% of Britons, so bring snacks and entertainment like books with you as a form of insurance to keep your children happily distracted and tears at bay.”

The travel expert explained that “23% of Britons say having to move around for people sitting in the middle and next to the window is a way to irritate people during their trip.”

He added: “Help your fellow travelers by going to the bathroom before boarding the plane to minimize disruption.”

Jonathan also recommended “packing mints”.

“According to our research, those over 35 engage in more lustful lovemaking on a plane, as they admitted to flirting with the pilot or cabin crew and having sex at the airport or in the airport. plane. Make sure you have an angel’s breath in flight in case a flight crew member tickles you,” he said.

The most annoying things people do at the airport or on the plane

1. Getting drunk on the plane

2. The person in front of you reclines their seat

3. Having a crying baby or child on the plane

4. Having people crowding the baggage carousel

5. Having to get up for people seated in the middle and on the window side

6. People cheer at the end of the flight

7. People who move your air baggage without permission

8. People who snore during the flight

9. People who take their shoes off on the plane

10.People who walk slowly through the airport when you’re in a hurry

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