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Martin said travel insurance policies were finally starting to emerge for Covid. Many travelers have had problems due to travel bans.

Martin said: ‘If you book a holiday you must have ASAB insurance (as soon as you book).

“Every year I come in the summer and someone texts me, forgive me for saying this, with something like ‘I just had cancer, I’m going to need chemotherapy in two or three months, I have to cancel my vacation, I can’t get a refund for my flights or my vacation, what are my rights?’

“And the answer is that you don’t!” The flight continues, there is no problem with your ticket.

“And I ask if they have travel insurance and they say ‘I was going to get it before I go’.

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“No! You have your travel insurance as soon as you book because so many things you can claim can happen before the holiday, so ASAB.”

Martin then looked at inexpensive “no frills” policies for those under 65 without existing medical conditions.

He said: “They start at £9 per week for an individual in Europe. Now what will they cover you Covid wise?

“If you cannot travel because you have tested positive or have been told by the NHS to self-isolate, most will usually cover you.


“Also if you catch it abroad, you need to stay longer, you have accommodation costs, most will usually cover you.

“I call them no-frills because they’re super cheap. They all meet minimum claim levels, coverage levels for claims, but the level of service and how they handle claims, I just don’t know.

“I can’t guarantee it. These are very cheap fonts, so no frills. Remember that if you have a problem with a complaint, you can take it to the Ombudsman if you think you have been treated unfairly.

“But nothing is straight forward in this game. Price depends on age and location and vaxxed.

“It’s not really a question of price. Some of them won’t accept you if you’re not vaccinated, that’s how it works.

Martin said: “If you go more than twice a year, annual policies are cheaper.

“Twice includes a pre-booked holiday in the UK for more than two days by the way.

“You’ll find it much cheaper to get an annual policy that covers all trips. Additional winter sports are available, so if you’re hitting the slopes, you’ll need them.

He added that taking out travel insurance is now compulsory in Italy for any tourist going on a ski holiday.

Martin said: “There are policies that will cover you now if UK lockdowns or the Foreign Office advise you against travelling.

“They will usually cover you. There are no overseas policies that will cover you if the overseas country does not let you as far as I know.

“None that will cover you if it’s not safe to leave or you’re worried you’ll have to quarantine when you return, you won’t get cover for that.”

He added: ‘Always when you book travel now try to make sure you get a cancellation with it.

“Make sure the cancellation is allowed or at least flexible so you can move it to another date.”

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