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Travel rules may have tightened around the world, but many people still fly to reunite with loved ones after long periods of time apart. While the rules around Covid are constantly changing, one thing that will likely stay the same is the baggage restrictions put in place by individual airlines.

Make sure you understand your carrier’s carry-on baggage rules

Carry-on rules vary widely from airline to airline, with some allowing larger or heavier bags to be carried on board than others.

That’s why Mr. Ewart says it’s critical that you understand exactly what your airline allows before you begin the packing process.

He said: “First of all, check with your airline what size of hand baggage is allowed for you.

“Many of us may be flying this Christmas for the first time in a long time and what some people may have missed is that over the past couple of years airlines, such as easyJet and Ryanair, have stopped including traditional sized hand luggage with their base fares.

“Travelers are often surprised to find that their ticket now only includes a small bag that slips under the front seat.”

If your hand baggage is too large, your airline may ask you to pay to check it in.

Ryanair, for example, will charge between £ 23.99 and £ 35.99 for those who need to register a 10kg return at the last minute.

This cost reaches between £ 39.99 and £ 59.99 if the bag weighs more than 20 kg.

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Take your gifts with you in a shopping bag

When it comes to December trips, Christmas presents might be the items that tip your luggage on the scales.

While paying for extra baggage is certainly an option, for a smaller amount of freebies Mr Ewart left a rather “cheeky” tip.

He said: “It’s a little cheeky, but if you are bringing in some new but unwrapped items as a gift, why not haul them through the airport in a shopping bag belonging to a store you know to be there. ‘airport?”

Pack outfits you can wear multiple times

During the Christmas season, it can be tempting to go too far with festive clothes. While this can provide diversity for your party photoshoots, it can put a strain on your baggage allowance.

This is where a capsule style wardrobe can come into play.

Mr Ewart said: “Consider traveling with dual-use items, rather than packing pajamas, shorts or t-shirts used in bed that could also be used for travel or for a workout. “

He added: “If you pack a spare shoe, the space inside can provide protection for small items or be filled with socks.”

Don’t go overboard with cosmetics and toiletries

Toiletries and makeup, even below the 100ml recommendations, can add unnecessary weight to your carry-on.

Mr Ewart said: “If you are going for more than a few days and check in your luggage, don’t pack shampoos and shower gels – buy after your flight.

“If you are traveling to a hotel, you may not even need to buy shampoo and shower gel.”

Even if your airline doesn’t weigh carry-on baggage, makeup and perfume bottles can take up a lot of space.

Instead, Ewart advises dosing exactly how much you need and using travel containers.

The expert explained, “If you’re only traveling for a few days, instead of carrying a makeup bag, put foundation and similar cosmetics in old contact lens cases.”

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