City Council Passes Comprehensive Plan 2022 – Welcome to the City of Fort Worth

Posted on March 09, 2022

The city council approved a recommendation from the city plan commission and adopted the 2022 comprehensive plan.

The Global Plan is Fort Worth’s official guide for making decisions about growth and development. The plan is a summary of goals, objectives, policies, strategies, programs and projects that will enable the City to achieve its mission of focusing on the future, working together to build strong neighborhoods, develop a healthy economy and to provide a safe community.

The overall plan guides city programs and departments as well as budget priorities, capital improvements, and land use and development decisions.

The themes of the comprehensive plan adopted for 2022 include promoting economic growth, meeting the needs of a growing population, downtown revitalization, developing multiple growth centers and celebrating the Trinity River. The Master Plan is based on the strategic orientations of the municipal council and on values ​​such as improving mobility, the vitality of neighborhoods and the conservation of natural resources.

The 2022 Global Plan is a significant update that includes these changes from the previous 2021 Global Plan:

  1. the Demographic trends, Economic trendsand Financial trends chapters have been updated to reflect the latest statistical information available for those chapters.
  2. The following chapters have been redesigned and fully updated for the first time since 2012 to include updated data, new project and program information, new policy focus from recently adopted plans, and graphical enhancements intended to improve user experience:
    1. Chapter 8: Social Services
    2. Chapter 9: Neighborhood Capacity Building
    3. Chapter 12: Education
    4. Chapter 15: Arts and Culture
    5. Chapter 19: Public Health
    6. Chapter 20: Municipal facilities
    7. Chapter 21: Capital Improvements
    8. Chapter 22: Development Regulations
    9. Chapter 25: Intergovernmental Cooperation
  3. New information and map updates have also been added to other chapters.
  4. Appendix C: Future Land Use by Area has been updated to reflect approved zoning changes and new development plans.
  5. Appendix D: Proposed Capital Improvements has been updated to include the adopted FY2022-2026 Five-Year Capital Improvement Plan, as well as a graphical summary of major expenditures outlined in the plan.
  6. Appendix F: Annexation Plan, Policy and Program has been updated to reflect changes to the annexation program.

On January 26, the City Plan Commission held a public hearing on the draft 2022 comprehensive plan and voted unanimously to recommend the plan’s adoption.

For more information, contact Eric Fladager, Associate Director of Data Planning and Analytics, at 817-392-8011.

Photo: The Comprehensive Plan is the City of Fort Worth’s official guide for making decisions about growth and development.

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