Daughter of former Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith is recovering from emergency brain surgery

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KCTV) — Former Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith revealed on Saturday that his youngest child is recovering from emergency brain surgery.

Smith posted on Instagram on Saturday that her daughter, Sloane, was taken to hospital last month with symptoms resembling a stroke.

It was determined that she had a large brain tumor.

“She had an MRI and the doctors quickly informed us that she had a large brain tumor and needed an emergency craniotomy,” Smith wrote. “After weeks of waiting in pathology, we have learned that Sloane’s tumor is a very rare malignancy with very few documented cases, with no clear roadmap for treatment.”

The operation lasted about 10 hours. Smith said the neurosurgeons did a “miraculous job” and removed 100% of the tumor.

“Thank you to our amazing medical team, family, friends, acquaintances and even some strangers who have touched our lives over the past month and a half,” Smith said. “We struggled to keep up with calls, texts, communication and keeping our loved ones informed.”

The family are awaiting more tests to “decide on the best way forward”.

He said Sloane was “singing, dancing, laughing and feeling great”.

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