Deploy on Sphere, the latest multiplayer map now available in Call of Duty®: Vanguard Classified Arms Reloaded

10. Side by side. With the narrow map layout, players using long-range weapons can cover the sides to keep teammates warm underground. The eastern path will likely see the most sniper-to-sniper action, while on the western path you can often catch players at close range as they attempt to sneak into the lab below. Check your minimap to help you determine which side to cover at any given time.

9. A tool for every skirmish. Consider using the Overkill perk to equip a powerful medium to long range weapon and a hard hitting close range blaster. What works best for you on the top layer with its myriad lines of sight may not work as well below where space is more limited. With a weapon for every zone, you’ll be ready to fight no matter where the battle takes you.

8. Boom! With entry points on all sides, the Lab can be an overwhelming place to defend, but sometimes it’s exactly where you need to be. Take the demolition charge and place it near an entrance close to your position. It works best in tight side entrances, where enemies don’t have much room to escape the blast.

7. Squeeze through. Ventilation and dirt tunnels connecting north and south respectively provide the sneaky player with a valuable way to take down unconscious enemies. Bring a shotgun and blast enemy operators trying to get through. At the other end, throw a grenade if you suspect someone is hiding inside.

6. Ladders, ladders everywhere. Sphere includes four separate ladders to make it easy to move between its different levels. Try to use all the different access points as you roam the map to keep your enemies guessing where you’ll spawn from next. The less predictable you are, the greater your advantage.

5. Engineers welcome. The Engineer Perk can be particularly useful here, allowing you to spot enemy equipment above and below ground. With the new trophy system being a good indicator of an Operator’s proximity, you’ll have the advantage when approaching their position. A particularly useful tool in objective modes.

4. Incoming care package. With large obstacles providing cover around the northern and southern spawn points at the top, you have a good chance of safely acquiring any care packages you call upon. Wait for a lull in the battle, then go ahead and try your luck. Cross your fingers and hope for something strong.

3. Alert, alert! We recommended Intuition in the suggested loadout above, but High Alert is another great option for keeping an eye out for enemies outside of your sight. When choosing between the two, keep in mind that High Alert has a much longer range than Intuition, although it won’t let you know if there’s an enemy right around the corner. If in doubt, try both in different loadouts. The information provided by one or the other is indispensable here.

2. Communicate! In the heat of battle, you might not notice right away whether those red dots on your minimap represent enemies above or below ground. Make it easier for your team by calling enemy operators and specifying which layer of the map they are positioned on. Hopefully they will do the same for you.

1. Close the loop. Do you feel aggressive? Try looping through the central lab and back to the west path using the C1 and A1 entrances. If you are quick on your feet and quicker with your reflexes, you will remain a constant threat to the enemy team, always fending off their attempts to gain ground.

Classified Arms Reloaded is now live

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