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International visitors arriving in England from abroad are subject, for the most part, to the same rules as UK residents – if they have been vaccinated in a country with a vaccination program recognized by our government.

A major change came into effect on October 4 with the removal of pre-departure tests for travel to England and the merging of the Green and Orange Lists. The rules for all countries other than those on the Red List now depend on the traveler’s vaccination status and whether or not they are recognized in the UK.

Only UK or Irish nationals or passengers with UK residence rights are allowed to enter England if they have been to a Red List destination within 10 days of arrival. Those who can enter are subject to a 10-day stay in a quarantine hotel at a cost of up to £ 2,285 per person. Fortunately, there are only seven places left on this list.

Below we describe the rules for foreign visitors.

Do the rules depend on where you were vaccinated?

Yes, the UK government recognizes vaccines given in 109 countries and territories, at the time of writing. However, travelers’ injections administered elsewhere will not be accepted and fully vaccinated travelers from these locations will still face self-isolation in the UK.

A spokesperson for the Department of Transport told Telegraph Travel: “We have always said that we would take a phased approach to rolling out our inbound immunization program to other countries and territories, building on the success of our. pilot with the United States and Europe.

“Decisions are made by ministers, taking into account public health factors. These considerations include redlisting, vaccines used, and the proportion of the population that has been fully vaccinated.

“The certification of vaccines between countries and territories varies considerably. We need to make sure that the certificates / applications meet our published minimum content requirements and that carriers are clear about what certification we will accept. “

What tests do you need to take (if you count as fully immunized)?

A test on day 2 for arrival in England (to be taken no later than the second day; the arrival day of a traveler being day zero). A code is generated from the booking, which is required to complete your passenger locator form (more details below).

This should be booked with an approved test provider, a list of these is provided on

PCR tests are mandatory until October 24, when they will be replaced by lateral flow. The system will not be fully operational for returns until Monday, October 24, but travelers will be able to book and purchase lateral flow tests from Friday, October 22.

If a traveller’s Day 2 lateral flow test is positive, they will need to take a PCR test (free) and self-isolate.

Are there registration forms?

Yes, all UK arrivals must complete a passenger tracing form. Completing this form will generate a QR code, which travelers may be required to show both when checking in or boarding a flight to the UK and to Border Force on arrival.

To complete this form, as is, all travelers must have booked and paid for a Day 2 test as the form requests a Covid test booking reference number.

Each adult must complete their own form. You can include a person under the age of 18 traveling with you on your form, if you are staying together at the same address in the UK. If you enter Scotland they must be under the age of 16.

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