Ford PH shares maintenance tips for a safe, worry-free road trip


All-inclusive battery packs with two-year warranty, new premium cabin filter now available to Ford customers. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

WITH months of restricted travel, it is possible that many vehicles have been left unused for long periods of time, putting them at a greater risk of damage if not checked or maintained. Vehicle breakdown is a nightmare for many, not to mention the long-term damage that comes with it.

With the typhoon season, this poses more safety risks on the road. Worst scenarios like this are completely preventable by taking the proper steps to take care of the vehicle regularly.

Ford equips its dealerships across the country with the global standard capability for the best service and maintenance of Ford vehicles. Ford provides maintenance tips to help ensure the optimum performance and quality of Ford vehicles.

Follow regular periodic maintenance programs. During these checks, Ford approved genuine fluids, filters and parts are used by qualified Ford technicians.

Familiarize yourself with the Vehicle Report Card (VRC). Every time you leave a Ford vehicle at a dealership, you’ll receive VRC, a full health check-up of the vehicle’s major wear parts and systems, letting you know which parts need to be replaced immediately.

Ford Philippines is launching a limited supply of complete batteries and a new cabin filter available on select Ford vehicles. The all-inclusive battery pack is available for customers owning a Ford Focus, Ford Fiesta, Ford EcoSport, Ford Ranger or Ford Everest, and already includes parts and labor costs.

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