Halo Infinite Aquarius Map Guide

Infinite Halo features multiple maps players will encounter whether they’re playing casual modes with friends or grinding the ranked playlist. Each map has a unique layout that each player must master if they want to help their team dominate their opponents.

One map players will see in multiple modes is Aquarius, a small indoor map in a Botany Lab. Memorizing the most important weapon spawn locations and points on the map will help you stay ahead of enemies and easily win matches.

Appearance of weapons

  • Yellow base: BR75/VK78 Commando (ranked)
  • Yellow Refrigeration: Pulse Rifle
  • Planters: CQS48 Bulldog/Heatwave (rated)
  • Pump: Plasma Grenades
  • Blue Refrigeration: Plasma Rifle
  • Blue base: BR75/VK78 Commando (ranked)
  • Blue Utility: Mangler/MK50 Sidekick (Ranked)
  • Hydro: Grenade Dynamo and Stalker Rifle/ Needler (ranked)
  • Yellow Utility: Mangler/MK50 Sidekick (Ranked)

Equipment appearances

  • Yellow Court: Thruster
  • Top Mid: Active Camo/ Overshied (Ranked matches only feature Active Camo)
  • Blue Court: Thruster

yellow base

Teams appear on opposite sides of Aquarius in the yellow or blue base. Before we break down the yellow base area, here are some key legends around.

Screenshot via 343 Industries

After spawning, players will almost immediately see the enemy team on the map. Teams can get early kills if they coordinate their fire on specific opponents, which can help thin the herd before pushing into other areas. Be sure to grab the BR75 Rifle or VK78 Commando before leaving the area for some extra firepower.

The yellow base has two exits on each side, leading to Yellow Utility and Yellow Refrigeration. Both directions lead towards the center of the map and provide access to Top Mid. Yellow Refrigeration has a Pulse Carbine on the wall, while Yellow Utility has a Mangler or MK50 Sidekick, depending on the playlist. Both areas provide direct line of sight into opposing areas of the map, meaning engagements are common when passing through these sections of the map.

Directly in front of the Yellow Base is the Yellow Court, which is a large open area overlooked by the Base and Top Mid. Crossing this area is dangerous, especially if the enemy team controls Top Mid or passes through Yellow Utility or Refrigeration. The Thruster ability pops up here, though, which is well worth it. There are also ledges for players to climb up to Top Mid from the yellow court, which are great for quick escapes or helping teammates in a shootout.

Taking Top Mid should be your top priority, although each base also offers an excellent view of the map. Use it to your advantage if enemies hold Top Mid and don’t be afraid to damage enemies from a distance when your teammates engage in firefights.

Top Middle

Screenshot via 343 Industries

Top Mid is arguably the most crucial area in Aquarius. This elevated position overlooks both bases, meaning players can take out enemies almost anywhere on the map. This is also the spawn point for Active Camo and Overshield, so controlling this area should be a top priority. If a team controls Top Mid before pulling the enemy flag, they can cover their teammate all over the map.

blue base

Screenshot via 343 Industries

The blue base is almost identical to the yellow base. Players have two exits leading to Blue Refrigeration or Utility, and the same weapons spawn inside the base. Blue Courtyard is also where thrusters spawn on this side of the map.

Exterior ways: Planters and Hydro

Aquarius also features two outer paths connecting the two sides of the map: Planters and Hydro. Planters connect the yellow and blue refrigeration areas and run directly under the pump. Hydro connects utility locations on the opposite side of the map. Both areas also feature weapon spawns that are always worth grabbing.

Control Top Mid, electric weapons and equipment

Winning on Aquarius is simple: control Top Mid and constantly grab weapons and equipment to defeat the enemy. It’s nearly impossible to move around the map if enemies are holding Top Mid, especially in Capture the Flag. If the enemy is in that position, work with your team to retake it before they take the lead.

Powerful weapons also provide a significant advantage against enemies, so grab all the weapons you can, even if it’s just to keep them away from your opponents. Active Camo and Overshield can also change the tides of a match, so keep track of their spawn times and fight for them immediately.

Remember to keep track of enemy spawns and how many are alive at any given time to avoid accidentally flipping them and making a difficult game even harder.

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