Halo Infinite Streets Map Guide

Streets is a popular map in Infinite Halo for good reason. This three-lane map gives teams a good hit on every powerful weapon, and navigating the map is straightforward. Players will discover Slayer, Oddball, and Strongholds on Streets in the ranked playlist, meaning they’ll likely encounter this map at least once per game session.

Learning where each powerful weapon will naturally appear with practice and knowing the fastest path between objectives will eventually become second nature. This Infinite Halo The street guide should help you get started with the map.

Appearance of weapons

  • Subway – Plasma Pistol / Disruptor (Ranked)
  • Subway Balcony – Stalker Rifle
  • Arc Street Curve – BR75
  • Subway Stairs – Spike Grenades
  • Plaza Stairs – Sentinel Beam
  • Old Town Bar – Plasma Grenades
  • Main Street – Cinderella/Rocket Launcher
  • Commercial district – CQS48 Bulldog
  • Cafe – Pulse Rifle
  • Indoor Station – Pulse Rifle
  • Station tower 2 – VK78 Commando

Equipment appears

  • Arc Street – Thrusters
  • Commercial aisle – Hanging wall


Screenshot via 343 Industries

The Metro area is home to the C Flag in Strongholds, a location players will encounter in nearly every Streets match. It is also the spawn location for one of the teams and a popular position to hold the ball in Oddball.

After spawning in Subway, players have several ways to move around the map. They can exit through the Subway Stairs or Arc Street exit to cross the outer lanes or push through the front door to fight in the middle lane. But remember that the enemy team spawns directly on the map and will likely hit that angle.

The main subway entrance leads to the Plaza, which acts as a buffer between the building and the main street. This area is dominated by the Subway Balcony, where the Stalker Rifle spawns. The Subway Balcony is a great position to cover this side of the map as it covers all entrances to the Old Town Subway and Bar area.

The entire Subway area is a great location to control multiple modes. As mentioned earlier, players can defend the Oddball carrier at this location if they successfully control all entrances. This is also a great place to cover the Rocket Launcher spawn point in Main Street to prevent the enemy from holding one of the most crucial electric weapons.

Main Street

Screenshot via 343 Industries

Main Street is the direct route between the two spawn areas and a crucial part of the map. The Rocket Launcher or Cindershot spawns in the middle of this area, and the Oddball spawns in the main street alley. Moving in this lane can be dangerous, especially if the enemy team is occupying one of the elevated positions on either side.

But there are several ways to quickly move around the area. Players can jump into Old Town Alley from Main Street to quickly escape danger or turn towards Flag B. There is also an entrance to the Commercial District across Main Street, which means players can easily move to one side or the other of the map. Both openings also provide an excellent view of the opposing lane, and players can monitor enemy movement or even kill opponents who cross.

Station Square

Screenshot via 343 Industries

Station Square is the other spawn area on the streets on the opposite side of the subway map. This area is connected to the Main Street, Old Town, City and Commercial District, and is also home to Flag A in Fortresses.

The station square is dominated by the station tower, an elevated position similar to the subway balcony. On the other side of Station Square is Station Inside, an indoor area that also connects to the Old Town. This is a popular area for players to hold in Oddball, as breaking down a defense in the building can be difficult.

Flag A is located on the second floor of the station tower and can be a bit difficult to hold as a home flag. This area is close to the commercial district, and sneaky players can easily tiptoe into the area if a team is focusing on the main street or flag B. Remember that enemy movement tracking in this part of the map is important and can help you control enemy spawns.

Old City

Screenshot via 343 Industries

Old Town, also commonly referred to as B Street, is one of the most important areas on the map. Flag B is located in the Old Town Bar, which is in the middle of the lane. The Plaza Stairs and Old Town Alley also connect to Main Street, meaning this lane is a high-traffic area in nearly every game mode.

Commercial district

Screenshot via 343 Industries

The Commercial District is on the opposite side of the map from Old Town and connects the two spawn areas. This is where the CQS48 Bulldog appears, a weapon a team should try to control at all times. This lane is also slightly shorter than the Old Town, making it easier to turn around in this area.

Powerful weapons are essential

Powerful weapons are important on every Infinite Halo map, but even more on Streets. The Rocket Launcher can change the tempo of an entire match if used correctly, and it’s important to watch Main Street when it spawns. Additionally, the Bulldog should be in your team’s position as it can devastate enemies in the various nearby buildings around the map.

Slayer is also one of the game modes on Streets in the ranked playlist, and grabbing every powerful weapon can help your team get easy kills. Don’t forget the various alleys and shortcuts around the map to help you get around without getting stuck in an open area.

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