How to Access Naruto’s Hidden Leaf Village Map

Fortnite players and Naruto fans can now explore Hidden Leaf Village from the hit anime series in a specially designed custom in-game map.

from Fortnite crossing with naruto continues, with players now able to visit a special custom Hidden Leaf Village map designed by Fortnite Vysena content creator. naruto fans have seen a lot of content from the anime arrive in Fortnite over the past few months, with main character skins such as Naruto, Kakashi, and Sakura returning to the game, and from Fortnite Naruto Nindo 2022 event underway offering quests that reward naruto– thematic cosmetics. However, fans looking to explore a little corner of narutocan also go visit the hometown of their favorite characters.

The Hidden Leaf Village map is currently one of the select few featured by Epic under FortniteThe Discover tab, which allows Fortnite players to switch between different modes and explore custom maps and game modes designed by the Fortnite community. The Hidden Leaf Village Adventure The map features a highly detailed recreation of Konahagakure, including iconic landmarks such as the Hokage Residence and Ramen Ichiraku. Players can also complete a series of minor quests for characters such as Naruto and Sakura and collect bowls of ramen in exchange for some experience points.


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With more great crossovers on the way, including an unconfirmed crossover between Fortnite and Ring of Eldenit is likely that all or part of this naruto the content won’t be there for very long. Players can access the Hidden Leaf Village map in a number of ways, including entering a map code or through the Discover tab.

Getting to the Hidden Leaf Village in Fortnite

The easiest way for players to find the Hidden Leaf Village map is through FortniteThe Discover tab, where the map is currently featured as one of Epic’s chosen community picks alongside other high-quality community content. This is perhaps not surprising; the Fortnite and naruto the crossover is currently one of the biggest events in gaming right now, despite Darth Vader making his first Fortnite appearance at the same time.

However, players who know FortniteCreative codes from can also use them to easily access the Hidden Leaf Village map. Players wishing to redeem a code can access from Fortnite game mode selector and navigate to the Island Code tab. The Hidden Leaf Village map of Vysena uses the code 0610-6440-1958 and players can enter it to directly access the map that way. Hidden Leaf Village can be visited either in a public match with players sharing an online server, or in a private match, best used by small groups of friends and fans to explore and find the secrets of the map.

Visiting the village can be a good way to take a short break after finishing FortniteIsland Hopper quests or grinding for Battle Pass XP, though players can get a small amount of XP by picking up ramen bowls and completing the map quests. Although it remains to be seen which movies, TV shows and video games Fortnite will present next, the Hidden Leaf Village map is a good way to naruto fans to experience even more crossover content.

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