Liverpool fans take speedboat to France amid Champions League final travel chaos

Liverpool fans raced by plane, train, coach… and speedboat to Paris and join the party ahead of Saturday night’s Champions League final.

Fans traveling to the French capital after their easyJet flights were canceled hired a motorized dinghy to cross the English Channel before heading to the Stade de France by land.

Those who had already arrived in Paris for Saturday night’s clash against Real Madrid lined up to join the official Cours de Vincennes fan zone, while red flares were set off at the Eiffel Tower.

But traveling to France led to chaos on showpiece day, as fans with no other means of transport were devastated by canceled flights.

Keenan Downey and his father Leslie arrived at Liverpool John Lennon Airport at 1.30am on match day for a 4am flight but were left in limbo. They booked the flights through World Choice Sports for around £1,300. The company released a recorded statement to callers, insisting that “rest assured that we will issue a full refund to you within the next few days”.

Others with canceled flights used innovative ways to get to Paris. Paddy O’Toole and 12 other fans hired a speedboat to travel from Jersey to Saint Malo, Brittany, when it emerged his son’s friends had a canceled flight.

O’Toole told the Liverpool Echo: “My lad Patrick’s buddies had their flight canceled so their dad rushed them to Heathrow to try and get a flight but there was nothing. They took a flight to Jersey at the last minute and they met us and asked, ‘Could we bring them to France?’

“We saw a few dolphins on the way and took the train to Rennes and then to Paris. A few more of our friends from Liverpool who live in Jersey heard us leaving and joined us. We don’t have a ticket between we. “

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