LOST’s original plan for the French woman (it involved time travel)

The Frenchwoman’s presence on the island is tied to several of Lost’s greatest mysteries. In fact, Danielle’s story almost set up time travel.

Lost Danielle Rousseau’s (Mira Furlan) original plan would have set up time travel. Danielle – who was originally called “the french woman” – was the subject of one of the Lost first mysteries. His history and activities on the island are also tied to several other major storylines.

A mysterious transmission left by Danielle was one of the first startling discoveries made by the passengers of Flight 815. In the two-part pilot episode, they picked up a disturbing distress message left by a French woman 16 years ago. Later in Season 1, Sayid (Naveen Andrews) finally crosses paths with her, only to find that her mind has been clouded by all the time she’s been alone in the desert. It turned out that she was part of a team of French scientists, but the others were all killed. The show’s exploration of Danielle’s backstory has led to several important revelations and hints about the Smoke Monster, The Others, Hurley’s”damn” lottery numbers, and more.


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Apparently, the show’s writers originally intended to use Danielle to allude to time travel, a concept that was vital to Lost subsequent seasons, especially Season 5 when many of the main characters were stuck in the 1970s. Lost Writer David Fury revealed in an interview that due to a pitch from co-creator JJ Abrams, a time travel clue was supposed to be included in “Solitary”, which was the Season 1 episode. which featured Danielle [via Lostpedia]. In an early version of the script, Danielle told Sayid that her science team was researching “timeon the Island. According to Fury, ABC had the line removed because they were “very shyat the time about the series using sci-fi elements. As Fury noted, that perspective has obviously changed over time.

This idea was never revisited in future episodes, although Danielle was eventually used in a time travel story. When the island began to travel through time, Jin (Daniel Dae Kim) encountered Danielle and the other French scientists. This encounter allowed the series to show exactly how each of them died. In a different episode, he revealed how Danielle’s child was given to Ben (Michael Emerson). One thing it didn’t reveal about her, however, was what Danielle’s team was really doing on the island, or if Abrams”time“the idea was canon or not. It’s possible that if the cut line from the Season 1 episode had been kept, Danielle’s story would have taken a different direction.

Ultimately, Lost The first time a travel tease was recorded for a Season 2 episode where Sayid and Hurley (Jorge Garica) heard a song on the radio playing from a radio station in the 1940s. The Difference between this and the “Solidarity” plan is that the foreshadowing used here was much more subtle. It wasn’t confirmed until years later that the Season 2 tease was really about time travel. So instead of setting up their grand time travel trick right away, Lost waited, slowly leaned into it with Desmond’s time-traveling powers, and then allowed the concept to take over the show in Season 5.

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