Man Who Lost 13th Place In Seven Months After Booking The Trip Of A Lifetime Shares Key Weight Loss Tips

An inspiring slender has recounted how he lost a whopping 13th in just seven months – without the help of fad diets.

After booking a dream world tour, 19-year-old Sam Tyler decided he needed to fight his weight.

A diet of huge portions, beer and snacks saw him weigh in at an unhealthy 28th.

But he used his next vacation as motivation to give up unhealthy food and get in shape, reports.

He explains: “The second I booked my year abroad; I reserved my gym membership.

“I thought about flying everywhere and because of the heat, and I knew it would be uncomfortable. Before, I had made sporadic attempts to try to lose weight, but with that in mind, I knew I would.

“I had spent so much money traveling and wanted to make sure I took advantage of it.”

Sam has now lost close to 13th place and is so much happier in his new frame.

Sam, who works for a supermarket, joined a gym right in front of his store in 2019 after booking his flights. He also looked at what changes he could make to his diet.

He also made sure to go to the gym five times a week, rain or shine, usually after his shifts.

“I was only doing cardio, it was always cardio in the gym,” he said.

And within a week of starting his fitness journey, he had lost seven pounds, which prompted him to keep going.

After cutting back on calories for the first time in early September 2019, Sam says it wasn’t until the end of October that he really started to see a difference in himself.

He recalls, “I was at my friend’s sister’s 21st birthday party and a lot of my friends saw me and said, ‘Oh my God, you’ve lost so much weight. That’s when I started to notice.

“Every time people said things like that, it made me want to lose more.”

Sam (right) has lost a lot of weight.
Sam (right) has lost a lot of weight.

While many people like to attend weight loss groups for support, Sam preferred to go it alone after an unsuccessful attempt at age 16.

“My favorite thing to do was spend an hour at the gym listening to music.

“The progress was constant. Each week I could run faster or longer. It made me feel so much better about myself, ”he said.

By April, seven months after starting his weight loss journey, Sam had lost a phenomenal 13th.

“My clothes were falling off me. I looked at myself in the mirror and couldn’t recognize myself, ”he said.

Sadly, Sam’s travel year has been put on hold due to the pandemic – but that hasn’t stopped him from maintaining the weight and at 6’3 he now has a slim 15th 4-pound frame.

“I still go to the gym four or five times a week and eat less,” he said, adding that he no longer needs to track calories so religiously after learning more about nutrition. .

“I walk all over the place and play tennis and football once a week,” he added.

Sam’s best advice to anyone looking to lose weight is to give themselves something that will motivate you, like he did on his trip abroad.

“It could be a charity event where people sponsor you – like a Tough Mudder or something,” he said.

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