MDHHS Announces New Feature for COVID-19 Test Finder

On Friday, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services announced a new feature for the COVID-19 test finder.

Officials say the test finder now lists wait times for many testing sites across Michigan, and will help make testing planning easier, especially for those traveling for spring break or meeting with their loved ones during the upcoming spring break.

MDHHS encourages Michiganders to test for coronavirus before and after travel, as well as before celebrations and group gatherings when events may include family and friends who have an increased vulnerability to COVID-19 infection.

“We have great, effective tools to travel safely and reunite with our loved ones this spring,” said Dr. Natasha Bagdasarian, Medical Director of MDHHS. “Testing has become extremely convenient, with many locations and the availability of over-the-counter testing. We recommend that Michiganders test if they travel and stay home if they are sick. Additionally, receiving the COVID-19 vaccine remains one of the most effective ways to prevent serious illness.

MDHHS says continued testing supports early identification of cases in communities across the state and is a factor in staying in the post-surge recovery phase.

They say free over-the-counter testing remains available to households through the federal, MI Backpack Home Testing and Rockefeller programs.

If you test positive for coronavirus, you should self-isolate immediately, avoid travel and gatherings, and seek medical attention if necessary.

The CDC offers travel advice before, during, and after travel, including recommendations on when and where to wear a mask and best practices for avoiding illness while traveling.

MDHHS continues to recommend the use of layered mitigation strategies for Michiganders:

  • Get vaccinated against COVID-19. Michiganders should update on their COVID-19 vaccine. Learn more about vaccines and when you’re up to date at
  • Learn about therapy. After testing positive for COVID-19, individuals are encouraged to speak with their doctor to find out if they meet the eligibility criteria and should get antibodies or antiviral treatment to aid in recovery. Learn more about COVID-19 therapeutics.
  • Isolate and quarantine if necessary. Staying away from others when you are sick or have recently been exposed to COVID-19 are important tools to prevent the spread of the virus. Learn more about what happens when you have or are exposed to COVID-19
  • Get tested if you are exposed or have symptoms. Anyone with signs or symptoms of COVID-19 should get tested, regardless of their vaccination status or previous infection. If you are getting tested because you have symptoms or have been potentially exposed to the virus, you should stay away from others while you wait for the test result. Find a testing site at
  • Take extra steps to protect yourself and others. Protect yourself from COVID-19 by understanding risk levels, practicing good hygiene and washing your hands, staying home when sick, and keeping up to date with your vaccinations. Know your risk; be aware that others may have a different risk than you. Respect the choice. For additional guidance on mitigation strategies, see How to Protect Yourself and Others.
  • Get a free mask. Free KN95 masks are being distributed by community organizations including local MDHHS offices, health departments and Regional Agency on Aging offices. Residents who want masks can obtain masks from partner agencies across the state. Michiganders are encouraged to refer to partner websites or social media sites for mask availability as opposed to call sites.

For more information on COVID-19 testing or where to find a test, click here.

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