Mom Hacks: Useful travel tips for a family road trip

(WMBD) – Summer vacation will be here before you know it, and if you’re planning on hitting the road with your family for a getaway, it’s going to take a little planning!

This week, Kyreon Lee sat down with mindful parenting coach and YouTube creator Nekole Amber Eaton, who offers some tips for making the most of your family vacation.

Eaton suggests the following tips and tricks for your family:

  • If you are traveling a long distance, consider making the round trip as spacious as possible. Our little ones may find it harder to regulate their bodies, so incorporating physical activities like the playground, or opportunities to run, jump, slide, swing or even swim between long stationary aspects of the trip can change the gives in terms of patience and adaptability.
  • For older children, keep in mind that they may want more alone time or independence to feel calm and open to group experiences. So be open to supporting their preferences in these areas, and consider items like noise-canceling headphones for music, books, or even fun guided meditations.
  • Aiming for new experiences/activities can not only create beautiful memories, but also open the door to growth, increased creativity, and getting to know ourselves and our loved ones better. Through these experiences, healing conversations and deeper connection become more readily available.
  • If possible, consider incorporating something meaningful for each person on the trip. This creates an opportunity to see the world through that person’s lens while creating an important memory for each individual. Eaton said she believes that ultimately this level of intentionality and awareness is what fosters a deeper level of connection with our family members and loved ones.
    • Examples: favorite meal, outdoor activity, scenic drive, etc.

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