Murder Mystery Solved at Beaver Dam Dinner



Detectives Crisco, played by Teri Nehrenz and Slogan, played by Meriam Samuels, interview a witness during the “Odor OPU” Mystery Dinner Show at Beaver Dam Lodge last week. PHOTO BY BOBBIEGREEN/Progress

The murder mystery was solved on Thursday evening March 31 at the Beaver Dam Lodge by attendees of the Law and Odor OPU Mystery Dinner.

The mystery dinner was hosted by Teri Nehrenz and Meriam Samuels. A portion of the money received from the ticket price is donated to the Silver-Tongue Toastmasters Club. The play was written by Nita Hardy.

The action took place during a spaghetti dinner at the Beaver Dam Lodge restaurant. The talented Nehrenz played three roles, including Detective Plenny Crisco, Gabby Carbunkle, Assistant District Attorney, and Judge.

Meriam Samuels starred as Detective Mike Slogan and District Attorney Benny Lee Waterstone, surprising audiences with her adaptable and comedic acting ability.
The enthusiastic audience took on the other roles given to them when they arrived at the event.
A socialite’s corpse was found in a tree with mustard splattered on her face.

A notable character from the participating audience included Snooki Hellion, the selfish and jealous sister of the deceased, played by Kelly Rond. Ronde played her role to the end and with passion to the delight of the public.

Jeff Doisten played Coco Puff Daddy with mad fervor. He kept audiences spellbound with his hippie portrayal of his character. He was at the top of the list of suspects.

All the characters were at a party held in a high-rise building where the deceased fell (or was pushed?) off the balcony.

Contestant Jimmy Wike played the role of Frothy Pusner, adding a hi-tone French accent to his lengthy speech.

And then there was the singing. Each table had to invent lyrics to a familiar tune about the games they were playing. These were to be sung as a group. There are no words to describe this part. For example, a table sang as biker jailbirds, soap-on-a-rope to “Row, Row, Row your Boat!”

Audience participation is what makes these mystery dinners fun. They were both full during the Friday night performance.

Carol Williamson of Juanita Springs came with four other friends to the mystery dinner, seeing the ad on the internet.
“It was really fun !” said Williamson. “I really enjoyed being here.”

The mystery was finally solved around a dessert consisting of delicious brownies and ice cream.

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