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Image: Ubisoft

House is a Rainbow Six Siege map located in Los Angeles, California. This card was first presented during the game’s reveal, in 2014. House was one of the first cards released in the game, alongside Bank, Chalet, Clubhouse, Consulate, Hereford Base, Kafe Dostoyevsky, Kanal and Presidential Plane.

In June 2020, the map received an occasional overhaul. Unlike other cards that have been reworked for re-entry into the pro card pool, House’s intention was to keep them in the quick play pool. This new version was introduced in Operation Steel Wave.

House – map structure

House is the perfect card for a quick game. Despite the redesign, this map is still quite small compared to other maps. The action usually takes place in one location, and the strikers’ holds aren’t terribly complicated.

Most of the walls and ceilings on this map are soft, which means attackers will likely bring in an Operator like Sledge. If you are a defender and need to defend in a garage / gym, be ready to do it!

Images: Ubisoft

Original and reworked house comparison

The most noticeable change to the map is on the south side, where new rooms and hallways have been added. Where players used to open a barricade to push up the stairs or the kitchen, you can now find the Music Room. Next to it is the TV room and a connector that leads to the red stairs – in the original version these did not exist.

The master bedroom window has also been removed and in its place you can now find two new rooms, called the reading room and the game room. With a new staircase and new rooms added, the map is now bigger, making it easier to play.

As for the basement part, the most important change that was made was to the garage door, as it is now tamper-proof.


The sites that can be found in House are:


  • Car Room / Pink Room
  • Master bedroom / Car room
  • TV room / music room
  • Garage / Gym


  • Dining room
  • Laundry room
  • Master bedroom
  • Rose Room

Secure area

  • Car Room
  • Game room
  • Garage
  • Master bedroom

Events organized at the House

House has seen a lot of time-limited events take place there, which is one of the reasons it’s such a beloved card for fans of the game.

Crazy house

Mad House was a special Halloween event held in 2018 and was the precedent of fan favorite Doktor Curse. It was played in the original version of House and included some of the best skins to ever come out in the game.

Head shot

This game mode played in the reworked version of House had players covered in bulletproof uniforms. The only way to kill your opponents was to shoot them directly in the head.

Bonus – Rainbow Six is ​​magic

Although it was played on the map of the presidential plane, the truth is that the plane was inside a room in the house. Weird, isn’t it? From outside the plane, you could notice that the plane was located in what is now the car room.

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