Swan family asks for tips in double murder case


CLEARWATER, Fla .– Three years ago, someone killed a Clearwater couple in their 60s and the crime still puzzles detectives who have found hundreds of leads.

David and Mina Swan’s family members have told ABC Action News they are not giving up hope.

“We cannot move forward. We’re just stuck in limbo, ”explained Steve Swan, adding that there isn’t a time when he doesn’t wonder why his 88-year-old father and 80-year-old stepmother have been the target of ‘a violent crime.

Swan family

Clearwater couple killed in their 60s

“It takes up a lot of my life wondering and wondering if it’s someone you know, someone you don’t know. Why? ”He added.

The couple lived in the quiet area of ​​Clearwater Morningside next to neighbors who adored them. They loved to travel, laugh and dance.

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Swan family

Clearwater couple killed in their 60s

Detectives say the swans have been shot several times, but investigators say there is no evidence that anyone broke into or stole anything from their home.

Sgt. Dan Loder says detectives have now followed more than 300 leads and questioned dozens of people.

“We don’t believe in cold cases. Every case is open, ”Sgt. Loder added.

Steve Swan says the past three years have been stressful for his family and they hope the weather will encourage someone who knows something to come forward.

There is a reward of $ 53,000 for anyone who tips that leads to an arrest in this case. $ 50,000 was raised by the family alone. The remaining $ 3,000 comes from Crime Stoppers.

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Steve Swan travels from Illinois to Florida annually to speak to detectives in person and draw attention to the case. Her family is determined to make it the year they get answers.

“Justice must be done,” he said with determination.

If you have any advice in the matter, you are urged to call the Clearwater Police Department.

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