The rise of emergency vacations and how to plan the perfect trip


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Many travelers plan multiple trips to avoid missing out on the travel action this holiday season.

Relief travel, a new emerging trend in pandemic vacations, allows travelers to book two or three trips at a time in case one of their exotic vacations fails. Relief trips are expensive, especially if there is a demand for that particular location, but they increase the likelihood of going somewhere.

And travelers who take this route don’t mind shell out a few thousand extra dollars on a relief trip.

Of course, travelers need to be smart when booking multiple trips.

Their reservations need to be flexible if they want to avoid wasting money and get to the second location at a later date.

Park Sleep Fly CEO and travel expert Martin Jones told Express that travelers who choose to book more than one trip should select a trip that includes free cancellation in their policy and no upfront payment.

“Make sure you always check the terms and conditions,” he warned.

It is advisable to book through a travel agency who will advise you on the types of trips to book and what to avoid.

Last minute travel is also in fashion.

Some travelers wait until the very last minute for travel deals.

Although this is mainly due to the pandemic and the volatile evolution of travel restrictions in recent months, South African travel agent Modipadi Phoku believes that last-minute travel has many benefits.

“With last minute travel, you live in the moment. The effort we put into planning a trip can be time consuming. Sometimes we have to live a little bit and embrace each moment as it comes, ”she said.

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