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Mark Handy is the general manager of Cavendish London. From a better night’s sleep to a better room, he exclusively told his top travel tips for staying in a hotel.

Mark’s first tip was to make the most of the concierge.

He said: “They are well-connected and can often help you with restaurant reservations, activities and excursions.”

For guests who want to save money, the concierge can direct them to cheaper meals and trips.

His second piece of advice was to book directly through the hotel rather than a third party website – “you can get a cheaper rate”.

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Booking a hotel in a central location can be cheaper than in areas where there is no “convenient and cheaper public transport”.

As for which room to book at your choice, the expert suggested that there is one that trumps all others.

“Ask for a corner room, they will often have the largest area and more windows.”

And is there an optimal day to book a hotel stay.


According to the expert, Sunday is “usually the quietest day of the week for most hotels and can offer significant discounts.”

Regularly staying in the same hotel and becoming a familiar face can also pay off in the long run.

“Sign up for loyalty programs if you are a regular guest and ask the hotel team to add your preferences to your profile, for example, a high or low floor room.

“It’s not always guaranteed, but it can help!”

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Afterwards, Mark told readers: “Always mention if you’re staying for a special occasion.

“It may be possible that the hotel gives you something special to recognize the celebration in some way.”

Whether it’s a birthday, graduation or anniversary, the hotel staff won’t know unless you tell them.

But if a holidaymaker wants preferential treatment without it being a special occasion, that can also be arranged.

However, it’s not for the timid hoteliers among us.

“If you want an upgraded room or a specific requirement like a second luggage rack, ask for one – it never hurts to email the hotel before your trip and ask!”

Mark’s next tip was to ensure a peaceful night’s rest before a day of activity.

“Use a trouser hanger with clips to securely close hotel curtains for a good night’s sleep.”

Finally: “The ironing board can make a nice temporary table for the children or a modular workstation if needed.”

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