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If there’s one thing influencers are always good at, it’s messing up the internet.

And if there’s one thing the French are good at, it’s food… and snobbery.

Which made German influencer Carolin Lauffenburger’s post on the right way to eat a croissant the perfect recipe for disaster.

On a recent trip to Paris, Lauffenburger did what all good Instagram connoisseurs do when they visit the French capital; she posted a video of her enjoying a croissant at a café terrace.

But the French newspaper Progress reported that there was something strange about the Lauffenburger video.

And it wasn’t the Louis Vuitton handbag and frothy cappuccino elegantly placed on the white marble tabletop in front of the Berlin influencer, which we believe took enough time for her drink to almost certainly become cold in the process.

In the video, Lauffenburger soaks the end of his croissant in the foam of his coffee with what is considered a truly eccentric legend: “How to eat your croissant like a Parisian”.

Can’t understand why his actions caused so much friction? Perhaps you have never been reprimanded by a Frenchman for committing such a criminal misstep. Lucky you!

According to Progress, Parisians were quick to make their outrage known online.

One commentator called Lauffenburger’s actions “seriously unacceptable”, another said the video was “sacrilege!”

Apparently, Parisian etiquette dictates that you have to tear off a small piece of dough before taking a bite.

“Of course you can do it like that, but it’s not Parisian. The French don’t do it like that, ”said one of the more level-headed commentators.

Our favorite commentary, however, is much more dramatic.

“She made my eyes bleed!” it reads.

“And the worst part is now that 34,000 people think she’s doing it right!”

Featured Image: Instagram / carolinlauffenburger

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