Worldle is the new Wordle but for geography nerds | Bega District News

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Two weeks after being acquired by The New York Times for over $1 million, a spin-off of the daily online puzzle game Wordle took off. Worldle is similar to Wordle but for geography nerds. Where Wordle makes you guess a five-letter word, Worldle gives you a picture of a country or territory on a map and guides you to guess correctly by telling you the distance and direction since your last guess in six tries. . The game was created by a French web designer who liked to play the original Wordle. Similar to its predecessor, Worldle has found success with half a million people playing it. Wordle, the game that started it all, has also inspired many other spin-offs including Nerdle where you guess a mathematical calculation, Sweardle where you guess a dirty word and Lordle of the Rings where you guess a word associated with the Lord of the Rings franchise. Geography nerds, Worldle is played on


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