Your flight is canceled or delayed: what to do?


Flights can be delayed for a variety of (and often a combination) of reasons, and knowing the lingo helps manage expectations and request a refund or compensation. “This [delays] It can be technical, operational, crew, meteorological, air traffic control or waiting for connecting passengers, ”explains Brett Manders, pilot and author of Behind the Flight Deck Door.

Operational: “Sometimes busy airports can be limited by the number of arrivals and departures they can handle.”

Crew: “Sometimes the crew can ‘run out of hours.’ Pilots and cabin crew have very specific limits on how many hours we are allowed to work. While pilots have been called glorified bus drivers and people think cabin crew are airborne waiters / waitresses, we actually have safety related roles. I don’t want your crew to suffer from fatigue in an emergency. “

Time: “Thunderstorms in and around an airport really hamper operations. Pilots don’t want to fly near them. An airport may have multiple runways, but due to strong winds only one is open for take-offs and landings. slow down departures and arrivals. It will also cause significant delays for airports that are not affected by the weather system.

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