Your weekly travel horoscope June 13-19

Greater responsibilities fall upon you this week, and you will need to be prepared for contingencies and frequent travel to Pune, Hyderabad and Calicut to smooth and sort out important ongoing projects. If employed, some of you turn to business partnerships offered to you by trusted and close associates. Trips to finalize details could take you to Vadodara, Bhopal and Delhi. For others, travel is beneficial because it opens your mind to vast possibilities and allows you to think big. Clarity and conviction grow especially for those involved in the communication/information technology fields. Places like Japan, Shanghai, Muscat, and Belgium are good and help with long-term professional growth. Your finances are improving and buying a dream home and vacationing in Ooty, Munar and Lakshadweep will be exciting. Singles are likely to meet like-minded people on their travels this weekend.
Tip of the week: Learning important new things will be vital for your growth, so stay receptive.


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You decide to take care of everything that is important. Success is your mantra and meetings and seminars in Mumbai, Ahmedabad or Surat will help you take slow and sure steps towards progress and success. Those who work in advertising/media choose to travel and make the most of the affluent and influential people they meet along the way. It is in Europe, India and Australia that travel will pay rich dividends. Your expenses remain high and the savings from research allow you to travel to Indore, Kolata and Lucknow, which provides opportunities and investments for short-term projects. Others are preparing for a long-awaited trip to Srinagar, Leh and Ladakh, and having a time of their life.
Tip of the week: Think before you talk to the people you meet on your travels.


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Your career is now a priority because you realize that time is running out. Frequent trips to Singapore, Sydney and New York if financial affairs prove interesting and challenging. Others blindly trust you and your judgment, and so you feel responsible. For some of you, travel is an integral part of your life, a transfer and frequent short trips to Delhi, Jaipur or Bangalore are indicated and help you discover your winning strategy. If involved in the travel industry, places like South Africa, Singapore, Europe, and North America are fruitful for the business. Finances improve slowly but steadily and you splurge on luxuries and loved ones. Your love life is interesting and full of pleasant surprises this weekend, because your companion is planning an exotic vacation in Turkey, Ibiza or the Maldives. For many, the weekend homecoming is equally worthwhile, as driving to a nearby beach is fun and hectic.
Tip of the week: Travel light as you have many beautiful destinations to look forward to.

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